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Health & Wellbeing Assistant

My name is Sally and I’m the top doggo around here. I do my best to keep my assistant Mabel in check, but that’s not easy! I like to welcome people to the office by barking and really don’t understand why everyone tells me to stop all the time, seems a bit ungrateful to me. I am available for a strokes, tummy rubs or the odd cuddle to help your day along and I’m a very attentive listener, (nothing to do with the sandwich you might be eating, that’s a vicious rumour). I am mostly in the finance department but like to check in everywhere throughout the day.


Health & Wellbeing Assistant

I’m Mabel and I hang out in the finance office with Sally (my boss) and my human. I like to go for a walk, provided it’s not raining, then I like to sleep – a lot! I am very happy for people to visit me for cuddles, sometimes I will even greet people when they come in, but that depends on how many naps I’ve managed to take! Some people call me the lazy doggo, but I like to think I’m just chilled.


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