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February 2020

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Supported living

We work hard to find Good quality property with good reputable Landlords who can provide housing across Kent of different types, we currently have supported living shared houses where people have their own tenancy and choose us to support them to maintain that tenancy, pay their bills, manage their money or varying degrees of all.

We recognise many people may need more support than others and we operate a Friends of Bank Account that can support people to put enough mo71248335_2463648037293045_8112737977085460480_nney aside to make sure bills are covered.

We have a dedicated Business Manager who has years of experience in helping people understand the benefit system and supports people to apply for the right things, we have dealt with a lot of applications and appeals to decisions we can help you get the right information and present it in a way that can strengthen your applications to ensure you get what you are entitled to, we can discuss full budget plans to look at your incomings and outgoings and see exactly whats left.

The services we offer in these environments are designed to be home and not our workplace, we can offer shared support in these environments or a one to one service, much of this is assessed by social services and provided as part of a multi-agency agreement commissioned and paid for by Kent County Council, needs assessment and financial assessment depending.

We try to discuss a full housing pathway with people from a very early stage, whilst the houses we work with do not have limits on how long people can stay we recognise that many people want their own front door and their own house or flat.

This an often take a long time to find the most suitable place in the right area that is affordable to the person who needs it. We are always trying to find new homes with new landlords, whether that is council, private, registered, or social housing providers.

We know the problems and we know the shortage; we are always happy to discuss this and the options available with each person recognising everyones needs and finances will be different and can lead to very different options.

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