January 2020

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  • Day Out
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  • Look Over There!
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  • Christmas Meal and Pantomime

February 2020

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  • Macmillan Cake Sale
  • Macmillan Cake Sale
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning
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  • Pride
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  • Outdoor BBQ.jpg
  • Gems
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  • Macmillan Cake Sale
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  • Roast Dinner
  • Games Night
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  • Disco
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  • Drawing.jpg
  • Macmillan Cake Sale
  • Pride


This is a type of service that comes to you in your own home, and may or may not include support with personal care. This support can be used for whatever you need help with and can include things like:

  • Appointments
  • Letters
  • Tenancy
  • Benefits
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Cultural, Religious and spiritual needs
  • Assistance to access the local community

The list could go on, we like to help people to explore the things they want to do, this could be as simple as going to the local pub for a drink or taking up new hobbies to meet new people, all of this can be done form your own home and is designed around each person in order to be truly individual and person centred

That means that your support is yours to have for the things that help you to remain in your home and to expand your independence, we can support you to strengthen your local community ties and keep doing the things you want to, if its important to you then it is important to us.

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  • Saphir House, 5 Jubilee Way Faversham Kent ME13 8GD
  • Telephone 03300 535919

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