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February 2020

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Bespoke support

We truly believe your support is yours and should be used how you want it; we have supported many people for various things. We accompany people or families on holidays to provide additional support where needed that way everyone gets to enjoy every part o their time away.

Special family events can often be a time where additional support is required, we can be part of this with you in the most unobtrusive way to allow everyone to focus on the celebration.

Lifetime wishes are always a reality, part of what we do is support you to plan, organise, cost and achieve the things you want to do. We recognise that goals are achievable, and nothing is out of reach with the right resources and support. We have been to many different countries with those we support and done many different things, holidays are just one part of it, we ask anyone to find something we cant do.

  • Holiday
  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Meals out
  • Days Trips
  • Hobbies
  • Weddings & Birthdays
  • Parties
  • Festivals

This list goes on. We are happy to provide assistance to plan anything you want to achieve; our costs will be open and fully explained before we start. Our support with you is anywhere from one hour upwards, we think that half an hour is not a great start, but from one hour up support can be purchased in half hour increments.

Time Cost Bank Holiday 
1 hour
19.70 30.70 
30 minutes thereafter                                                                                                                     
9.85              15.35 
Stand Alone 30 Minutes
11.82 18.42 
Three Quarter Hour15.76 24.56
Sleep night (22:00 - 07:00)90.00 100.00
Wake night (per hour)
19.70 30.70 
Any period over 24 hours should be planned and priced separately, please call to discussPOA POA

We are happy to provide drivers who are happy to use their own fully insured cars for the purpose, in this case in addition to the time we charge mileage for each journey using Google Maps postcode to postcode at 50p per mile.

The cost to accompany will also be subject to entry fees and travel fees, whilst many places offer free carer entry sadly there are many that still do not, we will always find this out prior to any booking confirmation so that you know exactly how much things are going to cost you.

The support we provide can be part of your everyday life or it can be part of aa service that you use as and when you want it, we are flexible to cover your needs and we understand that everyone is different.

Many people find it difficult to accept that a little bit more help is needed, the first step is finding out what that means and what benefit it can bring to your life and those around you, support should never be a burden or cause of anxiety.

We are happy to talk through the process and offer any help and support we can to make sure you know exactly what to expect from us and when. We pride ourselves on being transparent and open, we will present all the information that you need in a way that can be easily understood.

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  • Telephone 03300 535919

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