Accessibility is Everything

7th May 2024

Accessibility is Everything

It's so great to see inclusivity being promoted when out. A big shout out to Shorne Woods Country Park for making Ben's day with their Wheelchair-accessible swings!

In recent years, the movement toward inclusive playgrounds has gained momentum, significantly improving recreational opportunities for children and adults with mobility impairments. Wheelchair-accessible swings, such as those at Shorne Woods Country Park that recently delighted young Ben, exemplify how thoughtful design and community awareness can create joyful and inclusive environments.

The Benefits of Wheelchair-Accessible Swings

Promoting Inclusivity -
By incorporating wheelchair-accessible swings into public and school playgrounds, communities acknowledge the importance of equal play opportunities for all children, regardless of their physical abilities.

Enhancing Physical Health
- Swinging helps in developing balance and coordination. For children and adults who use wheelchairs, these physical benefits are often harder to come by in daily activities.

Boosting Mental Health - Inclusive play settings allow children with disabilities to engage more fully with their peers, reducing feelings of isolation and improving overall mental health and self-esteem.

Educational Opportunities
- For non-disabled children, inclusive playgrounds provide a natural environment for learning about diversity and empathy from a young age.


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