Ability not Disability

9th May 2024

Ability not Disability

At just four weeks old, a crucial diagnosis changed the trajectory of Colin's life. Doctors identified an abnormality in his eyes, diagnosing him with Rubella Syndrome, a condition that often results in serious congenital issues. By the age of five, Colin was blind. Despite these hurdles, Colin has not let them slow him down or stop him from enjoying his life.

Rubella syndrome is associated with several birth defects, which can include hearing impairments, heart defects, and eye abnormalities, such as glaucoma, cataracts, or retinopathy. Before the rubella vaccine was introduced in 1969, an estimated 12.5 infants per 10,000 live births were born with rubella syndrome. The widespread use of the vaccine has drastically reduced these numbers, yet the condition persists in parts of the world where vaccination rates are low.

Despite his early onset blindness, Colin has not allowed his disability to define his life or restrict his activities. Now an avid participant in various sports and activities, Colin enjoys cycling, horse riding, and cooking — pursuits that require not only physical skill but also a great deal of courage and adaptation. 

His enthusiasm for life and ability to enjoy his favourite activities not only makes him an inspiration to others facing similar challenges but also highlights the achievements possible when determination and support come together.

Colin’s journey is a testament to the human spirit’s capability to adapt and thrive, regardless of the hurdles one might face. His favourite activities stand as proof that with the right support and personal will, limitations can be transformed into triumphs.


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